Alive, grateful, enthusiastic for the week ahead!

A blessed day for all the work of the Lord! I have a scripture to share today that says in 1 Peter 2:17- “Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God and Honour the King.”… Keeping hearts pure in love. These are the things we should remember in facing today’s time.. With God’s help I am glad we are able to handle difficulties and facing hardships from people who are untoward to us to really understand and forgive them. Praising God for another week ahead.

Sharing a photo with my wonderful and lovely daughter from our yesterday’s trip to New Clark City.
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What a wonderful day indeed!

Thanking and praising God for all the good things He has done today! Had accomplished meeting with one of our joint venture partners. Best lunch we had and while heading back to Manila we got to meet another blessing on the way! Truly and remarkable how God has been good. Hitting two birds with one stone, indeed we end the week with thanksgiving!

Visiting New Clark City

Glad we made this trip possible.. So far the farthest we went this past month. Upon our arrival at the hotel in which the lobby is warmer than expected due to the COVID-19 restrictions and noticing that there are still few people roaming around. It looks like a ghost town! Praying that economy will operate soon and be COVID-19 free! We are here for I will have a business meeting next day. Preparing for tomorrow while enjoying time with kids and supportive husband.